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    1. Expert Member for UNEP-WG – Sustainable Product Development (since 1996)
    2. Coordinator, World Forestry Group-Bamboo dan Related Species Research Program, IUFRO (since 1998)
    3. Deputy Coordinator, World Forestry Group-Bamboo dan Related Species Research Program, IUFRO (since 1995)
    4. Japan Bamboo Development and Protection Society, since 1992.
    5. Japan Saratoga Bamboo Society, USA (since 1992).
    6. Indian Rattan and Bamboo Association (since 1992)
    7. Technical Advisor - Kangonga Production Center of the Handicap, Zambia, Africa. Since July 1998.
    8. Reviewer for Refereed Journal – Thai Journal of Forestry, Bangladesh Journal of Forest Science, Japan Bamboo Journal, Journal Tropical Forest Products dan Journal of Forest Science, FRIM.
    9. International Union of Forestry Research  Organization (IUFRO) (since June 1991).
    10. . American Bamboo Society (since February 1992).
    11. . Japan Saratoga Bamboo Society,  USA  (since  June 1992).
    12. . Session Chairman for Seminar on ‘Properties and Utilization Rattan’ Trissur, India (1992).
    13. . Evaluation Committee Member for India Bamboo Mat Board Project (1992).
    14. . Committee Member for International Grading Rule (1994).
    15. . Committee Member for International Standard for Mechanical Testing on Bamboo (since 1996).
    16. . Session Chairman for ` Fabric materials'. ASEAN Regional  Workshop on Re-presentation of Indigenous Materials'. Kuala Lumpur,  27-28 July 1994. National Art Gallery & Ministry of Art and Culture
    17. .  Resource Person for International Course on Sustainable Tropical Forest Management 1 and 2. UPM, Serdang. 6 Nov. 1995; 7 Nov. 1996.



    1. Technical Committee for Small and Medium Indutries- World Bank- Malaysian Government (1986-1992).
    2. Technical Committee for Handcraft Board, Ministry of Rural Development (since 1988).
    3. Committee Member for Rural Industries Development Corporation, Ministry of Rural Development (since 1988).
    4. Committee Member for Malay Chamber, Prime Minister Department.
    5. Committee Member for Advancement and Technology of Machineries, Ministry of Rural Development (since 1996).
    6. Committee Member for FRIM-JHEOA dan FRIM-FELCRA. Since 1987.
    7. National Technical Committee for IV Oil Palm Trunk Seminar IV. 29 April-1st May 1997.
    8. Co-chairman for National Bamboo Exhibition. FRIM-MHB. December 1992- April 1993.
    9. Session Chairman for National Chemical Analysis Symposium  IV (UPM-  1990), V (University  of  Malaya-  1991) and VI (Institut Teknologi MARA- 1992).
    10. . Court/Government Expert Witness for Rattan Smuggling Case (since 1989).
    11. . Member of Malaysia Invention and Design Society (since 1989).
    12. . Member of Malaysian Microbiology and  Biochemistry  Society (since (1980).
    13. . Ahli Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah Malaysia (dari 1976)
    14. . EXCO Committee- Malaysia Eisenhower Fellow Association. Since 1998.



    1. Committee Member for Bamboo & Rattan FRIM-FELCRA
    2. Committee Member for Bamboo & Rattan FRIM-JHEOA
    3. Committee Member of Patent FRIM
    4. Editorial Committee Member for Bamboo & Rattan Pusat Penerangan Rotan IDRC
    5. Muslim Charity Board of FRIM
    6. FRIM Cooperative



Diploma- Institute Teknologi Mara

1. Zamri Haron - A study on the anatomical properties of Bambusa vulgaris var. striata and B. vulgaris (June 1989).

2.  Md.  Yusoff Mohd. Diah - Mensurational  attributes  of  three different localities of B. vulgaris (June 1989).

3.  Akhbar Tayib - Fiber morphology and chemical constituents  of B. vulgaris (February 1992).

4. Noraziah Mohd. Lair - Fibre morphology and chemical constituents of Gigantochloa scortechinii (February 1992).

5. Abdul Rizar Mat - Fiber morphology and chemical  constituents of  1,  2  and 3 years old  Gigantochloa  scortechinii  (February 1992).

6.  Siti Rafidah Mahmud - Variation in anatomical  features  and chemical properties of Bambusa heterostachya (June 1992).

7. Suzana Mohamad- Chemical constituents of Calamus manan at different age and height levels (1994).


Bachelor of Science

1.  Saharudin  Ab. Rani - Physical and mechanical  properties  of some Malaysian bamboos. July 1990. Universiti Pertanian Malaysia.

2.  Shuaib  Md.  Saman - A study of  the  drying  properties  and anatomy   of  three  bamboo  species  in   Peninsular   Malaysia (July 1992). Universiti Pertanian Malaysia.

3. Rosley Said - Anatomical properties and drying characteristics of three Malaysian canes (July 1992). Universiti Pertanian Malaysia.

4.  Mohd Tamizi Mustafa - High Pressure Sap  Displacement  Method for Bamboo Preservation. 1995. Universiti Pertanian Malaysia.

5. Jefri bin Jusoh and Azhari Mohamad. The suitability of selected palmwood in comparisons to rubberwood (Hevea brasiliensis) and kempas (Koompasia malaccensis) for flooring. Institut Teknologi Tun Husin Onn. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. October 1996.

6. Ahmad Norman Sulaiman. Type of bindings and bill of costing for rattan furniture making. MARA Institute of Technology (ITM). November 1996.


Master of Science

1.  Taha  Wahab - Bamboo for earth structure  and  reinforcement. 1994-1996. University of Malaya.

2.  Stig  Lande- Acoustical Properties of Calamus  manan  and  C. ornatus. 1993-1994. Agriculture University of Norway.

3. Roszaini Kadir - Variation in properties of 2 planted Malaysian rattans (Daemonorops angustifolia and Calamus scipionum). 1994-1997. Universiti Pertanian Malaysia .


Doctor of Philosophy

    1. Jamaludin Kasim- Bamboo for particle and composite boards. Universiti Pertanian Malaysia. 1996-1999.
    2. Ashari Hj Amin - Properties of 5 malaysian palms and their suitability as housing components. Universiti Pertanian Malaysia. 1996-2001.
    3. Mansur Ahmad. Properties of bamboo parallam. Virginia Tech. USA. Blacksburg, Virginia. 1998-2001.