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Rattan Twisting‚ - To twist  small diameter cane (5-15 mm) for furniture frames. MY-107069-A.

Rattan Blank Stamping‚ - to form rattan waste of 2-25  mm length, 5-45 mm diameter into various  shape (trigonal, hexagonal,  etc)  beneficial  for flooring, panelling and table  top component making. MY-10853-A.

Wicker wrapping, -usable to reduce labor force in  weaving  the rattan wicker; using small diameter rattan core  (2-5 mm). MY-105320-A.

Method  and apparatus for shear parallel to grain  test  on round bamboo specimens. MY 105320-A.

Workbench for processing rattan pieces‚ - portable device  to uniformize  the  grooving  and  drilling  of  furniture  components. MY-107758-A.

A Machine for longitudinal Slicing for Long Leaves‚ - use to discard the midrib and thorn of Pandanus leave; and to slice into smaller size usable for weaving mat etc. PI 93007111

An Improved Broomhead and a Machine for Weaving the Same‚- use to insert,  standardise  and weave the nylon thread into  coconut midrib broom for heavy duty work. P 930072.

Semi-mechanical  bamboo  and  mengkuang  slicing  tools  - semi-mechanised  system to process bamboo and mengkuang leaves for weaving purposes. PI 9111014.

Rattan and bamboo carving machine - to copy or duplicate intended carving pattern. PI 9100929.

Bobbin  winder‚  -to twist the thread  for  blind  curtain making. PI 9100740.

Coconut midribs extractor‚ - to separate the midrib of coconut  and oil palm leave PI 9000376.

3D metal jig for furniture frame‚ - portable and moveable steel jig for  complete diversified design in rattan furniture making. PI 8901509.

Pneumatic bending‚ - for forming rattan  furniture components for mass production.

Density meter‚ -to determine the density, moisture and age of wild rattan and bamboo for maximum final intended usage.

Rattan punching device - used in the making of a  quarter-, half- and three-quarter moon cutting for assembly of rattan furniture.

Satay  stick and skewer polishing machine- harmonized  system of polishing  bamboo products without giving slivers and splinters scattered all over the working areas.

Bamboo knot remover and slicing machine- a combination system for extracting bamboo knot and slicing the culm wall thickness within  the same time.

Automatic sulphur fumigation chamber for bamboo and  rattan products- A specially designed equipment to uniform the colour quality of rattan  and bamboo products without releasing the hazardous smoke to the environment.

Bertam splitting machine - to split Eugisonna triste frond systematically

Bamboo  higo sharpening tool - to sharpen and shave  the cutter tool for producing round bamboo products.

Pull out and shear box testing equipment - to determine the fluctuation  of the vertical loading system and stress pattern for bamboo and  rattan as reinforced materials.

Bamboo toothpick and skewer puncher - Systematic and high precision device to produce uniform dimensions of bamboo products.

Rattan and bamboo duplicarver

Portable magnicarver for rattan, bamboo and wood products

Internal bamboo diaphargm remover and polisher

Bamboo node scrapper machine.

Plybamboo rotary machine.

Bamboo parquetry jig.

Bamboo products polishing machine.

Adjustable portable bamboo splitter.

Bamboo higo flattener machine.

Thread connecting jig for blinds making

Stamping grinder.

Bamboo cone stick sharpening machine.

Bamboo pole width sizing machine.

Adjustable glue spreader

Adjustable frame for parquetry jigs

Bamboo spilicing (split and slice) machine

Bamboo shoot flaker

Bertam frond slicing machine

Coping saw for doweling

Mortizing and tenoning machine for bamboo parquet

Tongue and groove making machine for edge and corner sides of bamboo laminates

Bamboo dust compressing machine

Bamboo oriented strand strip making machine

Bamboo and palm strips punching machine

Portable combined planer and cross-cutting machine